Personal Branding:  5 Steps to Develop Your Personal Brand in Your Business So You Stand Out From The Crowd

Attention: Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

From: The Virtual Desk of Yvonne A Jones


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Small business owners, especially those who represent a Franchise, Direct Sales Consultants, and Network Marketers are often confused about personal branding and the importance of branding themselves rather than the company they represent.


In this report you’ll learn:

What is personal branding

Why you should spend time working to build your personal brand

Discover 5 creative ways to brand yourself

How to create your personal brand with social media

Stand out with a personal brand that shows your values and goals

In a global market it is even more important to create a personal brand that tells people who you are, what you do and why you do it, as well as how you serve them. In a crowded market people need to get to know like and trust you, and with the rise of social media, it becomes even more critical to brand yourself so you stand out above the crowd.

This Report was written by Yvonne A Jones, Online Marketing Strategist

Who is Yvonne A Jones?

Yvonne A Jones is an Online Marketing Strategist,Trainer, and Author. She is the author of “Superior Customer Service for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs” on Kindle. Yvonne works with small business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs who want to increase their visibility and profits online and help them to attract their ideal clients through social media mastery, and retain them through superior customer care and strong client relationships. She loves teaching you what to do in individual and group sessions. She and her team will also do the work for you.

Yvonne is your partner for online visibility and client retention.

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