6 Reasons To Include Social Media in Small Business

Today as I was scanning through my Google Alerts, one article in particular caught my interest as it was entitled, “…Let Social Media work for your business.”  As I read further I quickly realized the author captured several reasons to include social media in small business that I would have covered had I written the article.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, I decided to share the article instead.

In the article she covered six points:

1.  Start with a strategy for social media marketing based on your business goals
2.  Be sure everything ties back to your website
3.  Be generous with giving away good content
4.  Start a blog
5.  Respond to all comments
6.  Apply the 80/20 rule to social media posts.

Here is the link to finding out why and how you should let social media work for you in your own small business in 2014.  Which of these will you incorporate in your business, if you’ve not done so already?

Include social media in your small business

Click here

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