Becoming an Entrepreneur: Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs


female_entrepreneurBecoming an Entrepreneur

The reasons people decide to become entrepreneurs are as varied as the people themselves. They often forget, though, the successful characteristics of entrepreneurs.  Here are some common reasons why becoming an entrepreneur is appealing to many:

  • They may have a disability which affects their ability to work at their skill in the general workplace, yet they can effectively do this from home
  • Those whose lifelong careers have been made obsolete or who are in transition
  • Those who absolutely hate corporate life or 9-5 jobs
  • Those with isolation or transportation issues but are good at what they do and can do this from a remote location
  • The “retired” who still need to supplement their income
  • Those recovering from traumatic life changes

These are all valid reasons and have much appeal.  However, making the decision to become an entrepreneur is not one that should be taken lightly as there are many challenges and pitfalls to owning and managing your own business.  At the same time there are rewards.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Before making the decision and taking the final steps to becoming an entrepreneur, there are some things to consider.

Paula Nelson said, “Going into business for yourself, becoming an entrepreneur, is the modern day equivalent of pioneering on the old frontier.”  With that in mind, think of the circumstances and challenges that the old frontier pioneers encountered and how they dealt with them and you will begin to understand some of the necessary characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. 

Like the pioneers of the old frontier, wherever that may be in your history books, some essential qualities are:

Have a passion and a vision

Be courageous

Be a decision maker and action taker

Be a risk taker

Other essential skills on becoming an entrepreneur

Besides these qualities that are mainly based on emotion, there must be tangible leadership and managerial skills.

You may be wondering why leadership and managerial skills would be included in the mix since you have no plans at the start of your business to have staff to lead and manage.  These two skills are what will separate you and set you apart so that you can make decisions as the Executive Officer of your company. also had a great article that discussed some additional traits of successful entrepreneurs that I’d encourage you to read.

One of the key things to keep in mind is that on becoming an entrepreneur you are responsible for the decisions that will affect you and your company.  For some persons who have always done what they were told by an employer, this will require a mindset adjustment so as to transfer your thinking from employee to employer.

Can it be done?  Yes, you can start or continue on the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur my mastering the required skills and cultivating the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.  In my next post we will discuss more of those skills.

Which do you feel is the most important skill to become a successful entrepreneur?


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