Grow Your Business with Facebook Marketing

Facebook MarketingAre you a small business owner who is still not convinced that it’s possible to grow your business with Faceboook marketing?

Why Facebook Marketing?

According to Facebook, on the average, each week there are approximately 645 million views of Facebook pages for local businesses.  Small businesses should be especially delighted to hear this because it means that lots of people are searching for your business in your part of the world.  You may be aware of the effects of social media, but combined with word of mouth, it’s essential to your growth and long-term success, and it is possible to grow your business with Facebook marketing.

Your Facebook Business Page

You must start to market your business with a Facebook business page.  Remember profiles are for people and pages are for business.  It’s important to keep in mind that first impressions are important in business, and you want to give a great impression when you start inviting visitors to your page.  It may be better to keep your page unpublished until you’ve added a Timelines cover that is attractive and reflects what your business is about.  Selecting the right category and sub-category will depend not only on what your business is about, but also the plans you have for your business – your marketing plan, your goals, and your objectives.

Facebook updates

Make sure to add some valuable content before publishing your page and inviting your friends to like it because people do not want to like a page that has no content.  Opinions vary as to how often you should update your Facebook page, and ultimately you will determine how frequently your audience wants to hear from you by their response to your updates.  However, you should strive to add relevant, attention-grabbing content at least three times per week.  Many marketers recommend posting two to three times per day.

Increase Your “Likes”

Your first “likes” will usually come from persons who are already your friends on your Profile, and you want to continue to grow your likes.  Your strategies can include simple contests and discounts that invite and encourage visitors to enter by liking your page.  Another way to increase your likes and grow your list at the same time is to offer free products and invite visitors to like your page and/or to give their name and email address in exchange for the offer.

Not to be overlooked is the positive effects of testimonials and reviews, which can be easily added to your Facebook page by your clients and customers.

Rules of Engagement and Facebook Marketing

Facebook places a lot of emphasis on engagement as this highlights the social aspect of Facebook as a social media platform.  In order to engage with your visitors, you must be responsive to their questions and comments.  At the same time, you want to ask questions so that you can get to know your visitors and find out how you can help them.  This post from Mari Smith offers some great insight into ways you can increase engagement on your page.

Small business owners can benefit from Facebook marketing.  If you would like to learn more, let’s get together for a complimentary Breakthrough Session where when we can discuss questions you may have about growing your business with Facebook marketing. You may email me at y jones [at] mysuccesscircleonline [dot] com or leave your interest in the comments below.

Are you using Facebook marketing to grow your business?




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