Sue and Corky Clark Testimonial

Certain people you meet in life stand out. That’s Yvonne Jones!
Stand up and be friendly, helpful, sincere. That’s Yvonne Jones!
Just as we contemplated moving to Stuart FL we were talking about  our sailing charter business operating here when we met Yvonne at the  local copy shop.
She immediately was a wealth of information and support towards Sail Surprise. We exchanged contact info and went north to pack out after 32 years in CT.
But all the while she is like a guiding light.
Yvonne emailed us and kept us on track with our web development,  social networking, facebook, blogging, linked in etc. She keeps nudging  us to stay connected and be connected…to a friendly and helpful new  community! A cyber angel every sucessful company needs.
Best to You, Sue and Corky Clark Catamaran Surprise
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